Born in 1958 in England, I was the youngest of four children and the only girl.

Reading, was from a very young age the most important thing in my life. Painting and Riding were among my favourite hobbies.

Talking about Riding! Horses were my biggest passion. Ive been with horses and ponies since I was ten years old, and I wanted it to be my profession. Unfortunately, life is not always as we think it will be, and I had to take a different path.

Without speaking a word of German, I came to Germany in 1977! I learned German mostly from newspapers, books and talking to my children. Since then, I have been a housewife and mother.

Despite everything else, my love for horses was one of the main points of my life and here I was still able to be with horses.

Ive been working with web design and creating graphics since 2002. An obvious choice when I started with web design was to create a home page about horses. After that I wanted to make a special webpage, filled with jokes, funny poems and many short stories. For this I needed a special character as a mascot.

When I started to draw the character,"Fionze"suddenly came to life in my dreams! No one could imagine that this little sweet and mysterious figure should develop her own life. So the story started.

But, without my husband and his unwavering confidence and patience with my work, when everything was not going as fast as I wanted it too, this story would never have been written. He always encouraged me to carry on with the story, sometimes incorporating his own ideas to enhance the story.

Also a big thank you to my four children, who have always stood by me.

Here I would also like to say thank you to my brother Bev Ransom for proof reading and correcting the English manuscript.